What people are saying...

"fascinating and beautiful and deeply moving.”
-Madeleine L’Engle, Author, A Wrinkle in Time trilogy; Winner, Newbery Award for Literature

“As I read your Spirit-filled interpretation of the scripture, I was blown away.
I have been searching since the moment I finished the book for a way to describe to you how you helped me. There were things that you said that sounded like you read my heart and put it on paper. I am so thankful to have met you and had the opportunity to read and be healed by your book. It released a lot of issues for me that I thought were resolved...

I still don’t know how effective this letter is at expressing what is on my heart. Just know that your struggle was not in vain. Know that in a very real way you have touched my heart and changed my perspective on some very important ideas. I admire you for that. I admire your strength and the strength of your family. God used you to touch people. I know this because He used you to touch me.”
-J.I., Student

“When I read your book, A Diary of Joseph, I was impressed by the depth of spiritual and human insight you exhibited. It spoke volumes to me of the level of suffering you had experienced, and of the spiritual response you have had to that pain...

Thank you, Diane, for listening to your editor, for pulling back the veil to allow glimpses of what God was doing in you and Terry through your suffering. Thank you for allowing your tears to water the seed of the message in A Diary of Joseph, so that it can bear fruit in my life and the lives of many others.”
-C.B., Minister

“After I read the first two chapters (of Joseph) I had to stop and meditate...I was excited but later I began to weep and didn’t know why...As I read on I was filled with a freeness...I know now that the Lord used your writings to close wounds that I was perhaps still in denial about...You have blessed me more than I can explain...”
-L.H., Women’s Ministry

“Your book is a great inspiration; it proves that none of our experiences are wasted when placed in the Master’s Hands...”
-A.H., Women’s Ministry





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