A Diary of Joseph: A Spiritual Journey Through Time, takes the reader through the story of Joseph—the one in the Book of Genesis who was given a coat of many colors and left to die by his jealous brothers. Joseph, through a journey of experiences, ultimately becomes second in command to the Egyptian Pharaoh and ends up saving the lives, not only of the Egyptians, but also of his own family—even the brothers who treated him so cruelly.

Diane Reeder looks at Joseph’s experiences through the lens of poetry as well as her own family’s suffering. “I saw so many parallels with what my husband, myself, and my family went through, that I was compelled to look at Joseph’s story and gain comfort and perspective for our own journey,” she says.

Many people who have bought out her initial printing of 400 books have said that they have found spiritual comfort in her unique combination of poetry and prose. “A lot of people have told me that they are using the book to counsel others who have suffered losses.” That lets me know that it was worth the struggle and the effort"











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